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Dumpster Pickers

We go Dumpster Diving at  Corporate Stores for useful items we can Donate, Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle or sell.

About Us

We been dumpster diving now for 4-5 years. We started becuase my parents would always find stuff in the dumpster that they did work at and would give us stuff from there. We made the decision one day to give it a try driving by a corporate store we like and when we checked we found some good stuff and we got hooked. Recently our kids told us about people on YouTube that do Dumpster and we saw a few videos and said to each other we can do that. So finally having a reason to buy a gopro we made the decision to start up a dumpster diving YouTube Channel.  

Popular Videos

Here are just some of our popular videos. Hope you enjoy and consider becoming a subscriber.

Found Some Jewelery

Huge Haul!

Ready for Easter 2021

Police Show Up!